Navy Seal Danny Dietz- Know More About Him

Navy Seal Danny Dietz was born in Aurora, Colorado on 26th January 1980 and his father name was Danny Philip Dietz and his mother name was Cindy Dietz Marsh. He graduated in the year 1999 from Heritage High School Littleton, Colorado and he earned black belt in Taekwondo from Korean Academy of Taekwondo. In the year 1999, he enlisted in Navy and earned SEAL trident in the year 2001 as he was assigned to the SEAL Delivery Vehicle team 2 in the Virginia Beach in 2003. Danny Dietz was deployed with his own special Reconnaissance elements to the Afghanistan for supporting the Naval Special warfare Squadron ten. He was also responsible for the prosecution of Global war on terrorism as he was an integral part of the elite team of four SEALs on the reconnaissance mission. He was tasked to find the key Taliban leader in the mountainous terrain in Afghanistan near Asadabad.

Navy Seal Danny Dietz was on a mission of operation red wings where he has to capture or kill the high ranking Taliban leader in Hindu- Kush Mountains. He along with his other team members of SEAL team 10 was especially assigned the task of finding the Taliban leader. The other team members who worked on the mission with Danny Dietz included Matthew Axelson, Marcus Luttrell and Michael P. Murphy where Dietz was Communication operators while Murphy was the person in charge of the mission. While working on their mission, Danny along with his other team members were spotted by the anti-coalition sympathizers and where immediately reported to the Taliban fighters about their positions. Then a fierce battle ensued between the 4 SEAL’s and the much larger enemy force who had superior tactical position. Dietz even radioed for help and while responding to his call a Chinook helicopter was also shot down by the rocket propelled grenade that eventually killed 8 more SEALs along with 8 Army night stalkers. It is considered as the worst single combat loss for SEAL’s in the SEAL history until the year 2001 in August.

Navy Seal Danny Dietz was a braveheart who died fighting for his county but the location of his body was not known for seven days. His remains were finally recovered during the rescue operation and combat search on 4th July 2005 and was returned to United States where Dietz was interred with the full military honors at the Fort Logan national Cemetery. A memorial weekend was formed in the memory of Danny Dietz for supporting Navy SEAL foundation that was especially formed for helping the youth to work for their community. The foundation primarily focuses on the training and mentoring of the at risk youth so that they can contribute to make their country a better place to live. The goal of the foundation (find out more at is to help the youths to face the challenges that come in their life while trying to achieve their goals and objectives in life so that they can become better citizens and even better member of their families. The foundation works to help the youth to help their country in every possible manner.