First Steps of Instagram Marketing

Instagram, the picture must network. With over 300 million users and 30 billion photos shared in 2014, it may be appropriate to include it in its social media strategy. Audience Explosion 2.0 is a very helpful Instagram training that will teach you how to curate content and build an empire network. Since September, the network even offers advertising solution free service. You do not know how to go for the plunge? Here are 10 basic commands. 
I. Respect the Basic Rules

If you do not feel to be original, at least try to rely on simple and effective principles for any photography:
Avoid zooming maximum that ruin the quality of a photo taken with a smartphone;
Use the rule of thirds to cure your composition;
Forget the flash!
Clean the lens, you will be surprised by seeing the difference …
Remember that it is rare to succeed a photo at once: do not hesitate to strafe your subject from different angles. You probably spend a little time on sorting, but you maximize your chances of having a real nice picture.

II. Avoid Impaired Filters 
Here we are in the thick of it! If he is fine and even downright advised to rely on other applications Instagram to rework your photos before posting them on the network, do not change your all-out shooting (unless you are really looking for an effect specific).
Generally, there is often abuse of contrast or saturation that is not always the most beautiful effect. Most brands do not use filters on their photos: a guarantee of authenticity? Some topics and sectors may lend themselves more or less easily to the image alteration.
Note that the side of selfies, “hot” Filters are more acclaimed and can earn up to 21% and 45% visibility likes more, according to a Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech study. Whether you are a holder #NoFilter or addicted to the touch, stay measured! 
III. Master Your Hashtags 
Hashtags are keywords preceded by a pound that you attach to your publications report. This facilitates the search and makes you visible to other users. For example, if you want to see pictures of kittens, simply do a search by typing # “Kitten”. All photos in which the authors have put this hashtag will appear. It is therefore essential to use it and above all to good use! No need to put tens of publication: locate those that are most used.
Note: Depending on your industry, there is a good chance that it is the English hashtags that are preferred to those in the language of Molière. Some hashtags are dedicated to weekdays in particular or are recurrent. If it sticks to your business, think about playing the game. 
IV. Follow Other Accounts 
Whether it is because they are strategic, inspiring or both, do not forget to follow accounts on the network. Take regular dives on Instagram with the search tool in helping you few hashtags, and locate those that are interesting to follow. Compare the number of subscribers, locate hashtags they use and take example of those that work best. They are also an opportunity to see where you stand on the network compared to competitors or similar actors. 
V. Interactions 

Follow other accounts, it’s a good thing, but above all, do not neglect the interaction of this network! Locate where the challenges and participate citing subscribers you want to attract attention, for example. In a more classical style, Like photos that you think are interesting and comment them. This is an opportunity to make yourself visible to other members. This command is also valid for any social network: there is no interest to be included if you do not participate. 
VI. Post With Regularity 
Another rule to apply to all your networks! Unless you have a huge visibility and a special aura, do not expect the attention of your potential community if you do not publish regularly. Although regularly does not want to always say often based networks, Instagram is one of the platforms on which it must be rather prolific. A post a day is a minimum. Avoid posting of poor quality content and treat the images that you post. The inconsistency is not recommended: no need to drown your subscribers under the publications for a month and then lie dormant for weeks. 
VII. Use Variety 
Do not ever turn around the same topics. For example, if you dedicate your Instagram account to your restaurant, you are not obliged to publish THAT pictures of your plates! Unless you have a very precise editorial line that plays on the similarity of publications, allow yourself some variety. 
VIII. Your Biography 
You must treat the biography part, often considered negligible part so it can tip the balance for a subscriber. Certainly, you have only 150 characters, but choose them carefully. Remember to include a link to your blog or site and incorporate the keywords that characterize your business. You can include emoticons in your biography. Make sure you are hitting. 
IX. Automation 
Furthermore hashtags, a photo caption, and if possible smarter, more easily retain the attention of your subscribers. Take the opportunity to include your hashtags in the text when possible rather than list them at the end. As for the biography, be catchy and avoid, except in special cases, very long captions: Instagram is a network dedicated to the image, do not forget! 
X. The Right Time 
According to the target you are aiming at the right times to make your post more visible may differ. Just think of the time difference if your potential audience is overseas. There are plethora of studies on the best times to post on Instagram. You can get inspired to start. However, the experience will be your best ally to define the ideal timing.
If Instagram is the main subject of this article, these commands are easily applied to other social networks. The main lessons learned to animate an account are consistent and above all listening to your audience, because it is above all for her that you post. At your cameras!